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Thigh Enlargement Oil

Thigh Enlargement Oil

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Thigh Enlargement Oil

Purple Mastika Oil for Thigh Enlargement 

Ingredients ✨ Mastika - Vitamin E - Coriander - Fawakih Al-Subaghin (unknown ingredient) - Camel Fat Oil - Fenugreek - Sweet Almond A comprehensive and balanced blend with essential oils

Benefits ✨ Thigh enlargement - Increased size - Butt lifting Gradually eliminates black lines Maintains the beauty and natural appearance of the skin Makes you look younger

Directions for Use ✨ 1/ Massage the desired area without oil in a circular motion to warm the skin 2/ Apply an adequate amount of oil 3/ Massage the area from bottom to top in the same way Twice a day for a duration of 3 months"

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