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Miss Laverne Bloom

Miss Laverne Bloom

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The new scent of Miss Laverne perfume:

Miss Laverne Bloo

Eau De Parfum - notes of rose and jasmine

Usage time: daily

Seasons of use: Suitable for all seasons

A fragrance that makes you glow..

Specially made for a woman who wanted to shine like the sun in the morning

She makes the ray of her personality spread everywhere like a glow that never goes out.

"Bloom" is designed with the spirit of dancing flowers to immerse you in a festive spirit

It was inspired by the blooming of flowers in spring

Its designer likened it to “the first dance of spring.”

And the final tune of an epic piece called Miss Laverne Bloom...


Top notes: Bulgarian rose, orange blossoms, pink pepper, jasmine, rose

Heart notes: blackberries, iris, jasmine, peach

Aromatic base: patchouli, caramel, fennel, amber, mus

Perfume type: her

Perfume size: 100 ml

Fragrance nature: daily


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